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Eliminator & MR

Saturday 10 December, Sunday 11 December 2022
Entries Open
Entry Fee - $195 until 21 November 2022
Entry Fee - $220 from 21 November to 9 December 2022

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The Eliminator like all the Grand Prix formats will test the athlete’s 1%’ers, their ability to back up after racing at full pace and mistakes can’t afford to be made. This Eliminator is based on position with the eliminator rule coming into play from Round 2 as the leaders try to eliminate as many athletes as possible, race to the line is the key if you want to make the final round.

Our Youth athletes will race twice with no elimination while our Juniors and U23Elite will face elimination.

Photo to the right by Garth Kirwin

Eliminator Start List 2022

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Eliminator Prize Money 2022

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The Australian Grand Prix Triathlon for this event is the Eliminator Format. This will be slightly different to what you might see online with athletes still getting the opportunity to race. We want all athletes to race hard and race for position to the end, even if looking at elimination.

How it will work?

Youth Men/Women– there is no elimination. Athletes will complete 2 races of Swim, Bike, Run (5min or less rest from the first athlete across the line). The winner is the fastest combined time from the two races.

Junior, U23Elite Women and U23Elite Men– there will be 3 races of Swim, Bike, Run. Athletes will be Eliminated during race 2, the swim/T1 and the bike/T2.

  • Race 1 SBR – no elimination
  • Race 2 SBR – 1 athlete eliminated after swim/T1 and 1 athlete eliminated after the bike/T2.
  • Race 3 SBR – 1 athlete eliminated after swim/T1 and 1 athlete eliminated after the bike/T2 (racing over).

Note: Eliminations enforced when adequate field numbers – above 12 athletes per race and although the prize money will be seperate if numbers are below 8 in a category, fields will be combined.

Note: There is 5min rest from the time the first athlete crosses the finish line. If not eliminated before hand athletes who finish around the 5min mark after the winner of that race has no more than an additional 30sec to start the next race or face elimination. Each race will start exactly 5min from the time the first person crosses the line in each race.


Saturday 10 December 2022 – TBA
Sunday 11 December 2022 – TBA

Mixed Relay

The MR races will be unique to the AGPT Series in terms of the number of athletes racing. Each state/territory teams will consist of 3 athletes. 2 males and 1 female athlete.  Why do you ask?

Those who have been involved in MR racing knows there are more males than females so to ensure that the majority if not all athletes get to race.

The AGPT Eliminator MR will be the first of 2 mixed relay races with the final MR to be held at the AGPT MR Championships in Port Adelaide. State/Territories have two opportunities to select their best teams.

The AGPT MR Championships will consist of 3 athletes, 2 male and/or 1 female. It is an opportunity for state/territories to think about their teams to ensure they have every chance of taking home the Australian Title and prize money.







Swim Course – 200m Left Loop / 200m Right Loop

Route map for AGPT Eliminator Swim 200m by Corey Bacon on

Bike Course – 1.4km loop

Route map for AGPT Eliminator Bike 1.4km by Corey Bacon on

Run Course – 1.5km loop

Route map for AGPT Eliminator Run 1.5km by Corey Bacon on

State/Territory's Represented

States & Territories will battle it out over a swim-bike-run event, delivering the very best athletes against each other in quick and exciting racing in the fantastic destination of Australia’s National Capital. Here are the States & Territories represented for the MTR Eliminator 2022