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Qualifying for the 2022-23 Series

The Australian Grand Prix Triathlon Series for 2022-23 will have qualifying opportunities for athletes to either secure a AGPT Contract or secure a AGPT Start Contract at the below 2021 AGPT events.

  • Canberra – Eliminator – 11 December 2021
  • Canberra – Super Sprint Weekend – 14-16 January 2022

Securing a contract will ease the mind when it comes to registering for AGPT Series events. Entries for each event will be limited and it will be a pristine triathlon series for all pathway athletes.  Like the F1 St George and Accenture Series in the past you will want to be a part of this style of racing going forward.

Outside of the above qualifying opportunities to secure starts athletes will be able to register as normal on a specific date until the field is full. First in gets a start.

The reason for limiting the field numbers is to allow for safe racing over short and tight courses and formats.  However, athlete numbers for each event may slightly vary depending on the event location and the size of the course. 


AGPT Contracted athletes for 2022-23 Season

  1. Callum McClusky
  2. Rory Thornhill
  3. Emma Olson-Keating
  4. Tilly Offord
  5. Chloe Bateup
  6. Emily Stevens
  7. Tomm Jansen
  8. Jayden Schofield

AGPT Start Contracted athletes for 2022-23 Season

These athletes are all athletes who were on the podium in each category of the Eliminator (December 2021), Super Sprint Weekend (January 2022) and Equaliser (April 2022)

  • all receive automatic starts to the 2022-23 AGPT National Series events – no need to fight for a start at registration opening time. Entry fees still apply.
U23 / EliteJuniorYouth
Callum McClusky – ACT
Jayden Schofield – NSW
Rory Thornhill – NSW
Emma Hogan – QLD
Tilly Offord – NSW
Jacinta Cliff – NSW
Zoe Clarke – ACT
Laura Gillard – NSW
Christopher Deegan – SA
Dylan Holland – NSW
Alex Pozzer – NSW
Nick Frisby – VIC
Liam Dixon – NSW
Shaun Harris – ACT
Chloe Bateup – ACT
Grace Henry – NSW
Emma Olsen-Keating – NSW
Alexandra Field – NSW
Grace Kells – NSW
Stella Norris – NSW
Tomm Jansen – VIC
Brooklyn Henry – NSW
Mitchell Blackburn – NSW
Angus Sampson – NSW
Oliver Moxon – VIC
Kyle Mason – NSW
Hannah Stevenson – NSW
Montana Doubell – NSW
Halle Potter – NSW
Morgan French – NSW
Bonnie Young – ACT
Madeline Platt – NSW
Oliver Anthony – VIC
Rhys Olson-Keating – NSW
Bodhi Jackson – NSW

AGPT National Series – Start List – 2022-23 Start List for 2022-23 AGPT National Series as of 18 January 2022

Note: Athletes are selected on their podium finishes at the AGPT Eliminator and AGPT Super Sprint Weekend. If an athlete podium in the previous event it would role down.

Athletes selected do not have to take their position in each race. This is just confirming that if they wish to race they have a automatic start. Entry fee still applies.

The remaining places for each event will be determined by first in from the date each event opens for registration.  Registration dates to be announced at a later time.