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Australian Grand Prix Triathlon
Super Sprint Weekend Podium Results
Youth Male1st Oliver Anthony – VIC
2nd Rhys Olson-Keating – NSW
3rd Angus Sampson – NSW
Youth Female1st Morgan French – NSW
2nd Bonnie Young – ACT
3rd Hannah Stevenson – NSW
Junior Male1st Tomm Jansen – VIC
2nd Brooklyn Henry – NSW
3rd Mitchell Blackbourn – NSW
Junior Female1st Emma Olsen-Keating – NSW
2nd Alexandra Field
3rd Grace Kells – NSW
U23Elite Male1st Jayden Schofield – NSW
2nd Christopher Deegan – SA
3rd Dylan Holland – NSW
U23Elite Female1st Zoe Clarke – ACT
2nd Laura Gillard – NSW
3rd Emma Hogan – QLD

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AGPT Points

Swim 400m

Bike LeMans Criterium

Run 1500m


Hyper Sprint Youth

Hyper Sprint Enduro – Junior/U23Elite

Ultra Sprint Finals – Youth Male | Youth Female 

Super Sprint Final

Australian Grand Prix Triathlon
Eliminator Podium Results
Youth Male1st Angus Sampson – NSW
2nd Oliver Moxon – VIC
3rd Kyle Mason – NSW
Youth Female1st Hannah Stevenson – NSW
2nd Montan Double – NSW
3rd Halle Potter – NSW
Junior Male1st Nick Frisby – VIC
2nd Liam Dixon – NSW
3rd Shaun Harris – ACT
Junior Female1st Chloe Bateup – ACT
2nd Emma Olsen-Keating – NSW
3rd Grace Henry – NSW
U23Elite Male1st Callum McClusky – ACT
2nd Jayden Schofield – NSW
3rd Rory Thornhill – NSW
U23Elite Female1st Tilly Offord – NSW
2nd Jacinta Cliff – NSW
3rd Zoe Clarke – ACT

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